Welcome to 1000 Sundays

Welcome to 1000 Sundays, a site devoted to the examination of what the Democratic Candidate for President of the United States of America believes.  At 1000 Sundays, we believe that all men are free to believe as they will.  However, we also believe that a citizen has the right to examine those beliefs so that they might be honestly and accurately informed about the motivations of the person seeking their vote.  Barack Obama has made many public statements about his faith that can be freely seen by voters, but like any politician, it is possible that there is more to Senator Obama’s beliefs than can be easily determined by his carefully guarded public declarations.  On this page, we will attempt to peer more deeply into the question of Mr. Obama’s beliefs, and we will begin that exploration by looking into the church and teacher that the senator personally states “introduced” him to his Christian faith.  Mr. Obama sought this man’s teaching for twenty years.  That’s 1000 Sundays.  This is 1000Sundays.com.


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