From Cone to Obama. The path of Black Liberation Theology


Dr. James Cone is the founder of Black Liberation Theology.  Reverend Jeremiah Write has stated that no one can discuss the so called “black value system,” or by inference his teaching, unless they first understand Cone’s writing.  Barack Obama sat voluntarily under the teachings of Wright, and therefore by proxy, Cone, for twenty years.  Therefore, to understand what Senator Obama believes, we must first understand the beliefs of James Cone.

2 Responses to “From Cone to Obama. The path of Black Liberation Theology”

  1. 1 Charles Martel
    October 9, 2008 at 4:59 am

    Black Liberation Philosophy is not theology. Theology deals with God. Black Liberation Philosophy does not. It comes from Liberation Philosophy, which originated, generally speaking, in South America as Latin priests fell under the sway of Marxism. Basically, Liberation Philosophy behaved just like gnosticism, that earliest of heresies. Gnosticism, little more than neo-Platonism, simply took Christian terms and overlaid them on pre-existing philosophies/ideas. The same thing happened with Liberation Philosophy – Latin priests, enamored with Marxism, took Christian terminology and redefined Latin theology to conform with Marxist ideas. All Black Liberation Philosophers did was add racism to the mix. There is nothing Christian about Liberation Philosophy or Black Liberation Philosophy. They are heresies, at best . . . abominable lies to mislead the unwary in truth.

    the sinner,

    Charles Martel

  2. 2 Hening
    October 9, 2008 at 7:19 pm

    This is the same theological game that Islam plays. Take some biblical facts and twist it to your own agenda. Nothing new here, but the fact that a presidential candidate buys into it makes him very dangerous. Racial hatred is obviously alive and well, and acceptable in the Black community. This kind of ignorance being yelled from underneath a sheet, or from a pulpit is bad enough, but we don’t want it to be the chosen faith of a president.

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