Muslim Dictator, Qaddafi, Calls Barack Obama a Muslim


In this clip, Libyan dictator Moammar Qaddafi declares to his people that Barack Obama is a Muslim, stating:

“Now America is approaching their Presidential election, one is a black candidate who is originally from Kenya, African, and Muslim and studied in the Islamic school in Indonesia.” “His name is OBAMA!” “All the people in the Arab world, Islamic world and Africans have applauded him and are expecting good results”. 

To be sure, Barack Obama is not a Muslim.  He is a Christian who for 20 years, 1000 Sundays, has been under the teaching of Rev. Jeremiah Wright.  Yet the question that this clip raises is, “Why does a Muslim dictator believe Obama is a Muslim?”

The reasons are clear.  Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim name.  Senator Obama is the son of a Muslim father.  His mother married two Muslim men.  He has Muslim brothers.  He was raised, for a time, in a Muslim country where he studied Islam in school and prayed in Muslim Mosques.  He has stated that the Muslim call to morning prayer is the “most beautiful sound in the world.” In his book, he claims to have had a transformative encounter with the teachings of Muslim leader Malcolm X.  The current leader of the Nation of Islam has called him the Messiah, and Obama has long associated with outspoken anti-Semites.  Put simply, Obama, while not Muslim, has a closer relation to that religion than any person ever to seek the office of the presidency.  

And yet, Barack Obama is certainly not a Muslim.  He is a Christian, at least as long as Christianity can be redefined, as it has been by the founder of his personal theology, Dr. James Cone, as a mixture of traditional Christianity and Islam.  No wonder Qaddafi is confused.  So is Mr. Obama.

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